Slideshow: Macro Digital on South Main (Jan. 2012)

I remember very clearly the day I took these pictures. It was generally ugly winter weather, not like the blizzard-whiteout ridiculousness that we had (and are still having!) this year. I’m pretty sure all of these were taken right outside of the laundromat where I was washing my clothes. I had brought my camera along with the express purpose of getting some shots in while the suds were swirling.

I had only just begun messing around with photography when I discovered the macro digital setting on my camera, which allows for extreme closeups of objects that are still in focus, and a lot of the photos here are artifacts of me experimenting with that setting. You can also tell that I was trying to work out some of the photography tips that I’d been learning, using naturally occurring lines to draw the viewer’s eye in and across the picture, filling the frame, also.

I still really like these photos. The abstract compositions of the closeup shots–the identity of the photo’s subject isn’t quite clear in some of them–and the great, through-the-branches shots of those bright red berries, especially that third shot where the only thing really in focus are those two or three berries hanging right in the middleground.

It’s fun looking at these and remembering how excited I was about learning to take better photos. Happily, I still feel that way.