The Power of Narrative

Every once in awhile I do something for the blog and think, “Should I have been doing this all along?” That’s what I’m wondering right now.

The next section in Brian Boyd’s book On the Origin of Stories deals with what advantages the ability to tell stories conveys on human beings. This section isn’t as interested in figuring out the chronology of forces that caused us to evolve to be able to tell stories; It’s more interested in delineating exactly what advantages there are in storytelling.

I’ve summarized the chapter in the prezi presentation embedded above, and what I’m wondering is whether I should have done that for all of the posts on Boyd and his work. Is it more interesting to make the information transmission part of the blog a multimedia thing and just save the writing for when I disagree, when I have more connections or thoughts to offer on a particular theme or topic?

Now, it’s easy to put this kind of information into a prezi; It’s precisely the kind of communication that prezis are designed to accomplish. But maybe I’m not challenging myself enough–if I had to communicate a whole chapter’s worth of info through a 30-second flipagram, could I? Could you?

Food for thought, yo.