Video: Bagman News Break

The response when I first started making bagman videos was so strong that I just stuck with it until I couldn’t. It’s funny how powerful getting positive feedback is. No more than a dozen or so people tweeted about bagman, saying they loved it, retweeted my tweets, left youtube comments, and that feeling was so powerful that I’m still making bagman videos today.

I made a fake trailer for Season 4 of Downton Abbey, and that has almost as many hits as all of my bagman stuff combined. But the bagman stuff has a social vector to it–people respond–and that’s what I want, not just views.

I almost always overthink my responses to the video prompts on The Daily Create, except when I’m doing bagman stuff. I know I’ll have an hour–lately, it’s more like twenty minutes–to do SOMETHING, so I just bang it out. But most of the time I want to mess around with effects, with good reason. I want to use the opportunity of the prompt to teach myself something new, but doing all of that–making footage, then learning how to use an effect, then deploying that effect–all of that soaks up time. With bagman, you just do it.