Video: Bagman Says a Tongue Twister

It’s funny the feelings you get re-watching things that you made a long time ago. I get similar feelings looking through old photo diaries that I get to watching these old bagman clips, and it’s great. I get to re-experience how much fun I had just experimenting with personas and webcam borders (which are a lot more fun than I would have thought; in fact, if you’d said that simply changing a webcam border would be as much fun as it is, I would probably think you’re a dork (which is to say I would think I’m a dork (Hey look Joseph Gordon-Levitt fighting Agent Smith on the ceiling (PARENTHCEPTION)))).

This video, also, was made for DS106‘s The Daily Create. I played with bagman just a few times before this, two pictures, I think, and  one video, but in this video I started to get more confident about who bagman was, what his personality was: a good-natured troublemaker with the voice of Strong Bad/Mr. Salt/Triumph the Insult Dog. 

Making these images helped nail down his sense of humor, also.

Paper bagman holding up a picture of himself with long blonde hair from the 70s

Bagman giving a TED talk--"Could there be bags on other planets?"